15 Maret 2010

Tips For Owners About Feeding The Dog

1. Do not change the dog food as take-home
o not change the dog food as well as bringing a new dog into the house. Keep giving the dog with food (food animal nutrition) place of origin, then we started to mix a little bit with the new food.

2. Let your dog eat in peace
hen a dog ate and then we come to see, sometimes feel the presence of our dogs to play with so he will stop eating (food animal nutrition) or become aggressive. Required for animal feed supplies food to a quiet or leave it alone.

3. Do not give the dog the rest of our food
Our food scraps are not recommended to be given to the dogs, because it implies an unequal for animals and can promote health problems like obesity, the formation of deposits in the urinary tract, skin conditions and hair unhealthy.

4. Do not force the dog to eat and feed by hand
orcing a dog to eat animal food supplies may encourage the dog overeating and obesity. And feeding by hand may make them become spoiled and dependent on humans. And appetite as an indication of the health condition of the dog can not be seen in dogs that have this habit. This exception may be when they are sick.

5. Do not add to the animal food something that is not good for health.
With proper food animal, a dog will stop eating when you feel pretty. With the addition to food, like our food, will make them want to eat even if not hungry, and this will encourage weight gain.

6. Do not take the place of dog food when they eat
f we take their food when they eat, this will create stress and forced them to fight and defend with or agrresiv hurry to spend it.

7. Do not give gifts just because they feel guilty or to just to say hello
elationship with animals or animal your dog by using food is not appropriate and can lead to obesity. Jalinlah relationship with your dog by giving them attention and play with him.

8. Do not give food to the dogs when they are begging us when we eat
hese habits lead to a dog always begging when someone is eating (animal nutrition) and they get food that is not according to his needs and can harm health.

9. Do not leave food available all the time
amiliarize your dog or animal feed in time and the food is not consumed within 30 minutes away and not given food until the next feeding. This teaches the dog to eat only at feeding times, and avoid contamination of food by the ants, fungi, bacteria that can harm health.

10.Don't worry if your dog does not eat exactly as written on the packaging of food

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